Mailing address

195010 Van Buren Blvd

Ste F3 Box 176

Riverside CA 92508



My name is Nick Drennen and I am the owner of Black Thorn Transportation. I have been a driver for both Car/Limo Companies and Ride share services (like Lyft and Uber), so I know what you are getting with both. My goal is to bring the affordability of ride share services with the luxury of a Car/Limo service to my clients. 

I am often asked where I got the name Black Thorn. My last name Drennen; the Irish origin with variant spellings meaning descendant of Draighnean, a name from a diminutive of "draighean" meaning "blackthorn". As well as being a strong name that conjures the image of class and professionalism that i want to bring to your ride; also our logo double as my family coat of arms.